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Mini Teeth Grinding Catnip

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Charming feline face configuration causes your feline to feel more affable when playing. Use for everyday chomp preparing, teeth granulating, having some good times, and so forth. 

Available in different types of Soft Plush Stuffed Pet Cat toys, Delicate Flush won't hurt your pets. 

Material: Soft, extravagant, agreeable for felines to play. 5 Colors: Blue/Yellow/Coffee/Hot pink/Green 

Accompany catnip and adorable plan, alluring to the felines

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Mini Teeth Grinding Catnip
  • Type:Soft Plush Stuffed Pet Cat toys
  • Material:Soft plush, comfortable for cats to play.
  • 5 Colors:Blue/Yellow/Coffee/Hot pink/Green
  • Feature :
  • Come with catnip and cute design, attractive to the cats.
  • Use for daily bite training , teeth grinding, having fun, etc.
  • Cute cat face design, makes your cat feel more amiable when playing.
  • Soft Flush ,will not hurt your pets
  • Size:3.5"*1.7"*1.0"/(9cm*4cm*2.5cm)
  • Package Include:1* Cat Plush Toy
    Mini Teeth Grinding Catnip

    Mini Teeth Grinding Catnip

    Mini Teeth Grinding Catnip
    Mini Teeth Grinding Catnip
    Mini Teeth Grinding Catnip