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Dog Car Seat

Keep your pooch safe and restrained while you two are on the road with this Dog Car Seat!

Are you conscious of your dog’s anxious and nauseous condition during travel? We gotcha solution for you, get your dog car seat to provide him comfort during travel. A car seat is specifically designed for your dog to keep him out of danger in case of accidents or abrupt breaks. Its cushioned functions give him a friendly travel experience as your dog can look out the window. Multi-purpose car seat as it protects your car seat from your pet’s dirty paws, and it becomes a safety belt, too! Just strap your pet in for the ride and be confident that they won't hurt themselves. 

This car seat specifically made for dogs will keep your pet out of danger when an accident happens. It also keeps your pup in place, making it easier for you to drive. The seat fits most vehicles with headrests, enabling your pet to rest its heads when it wants to. It also has a soft cushion so that your dog sits comfortably no matter how long you two are on the road. FEATURES:

  • Provides Optimum Protection for Car Seats
  • This seat for dogs makes cleaning your car seat easy-breezy as it protects from foul odors, dog hair, and muddy paws.
  • Provides Comfort for the Dog
  • The soft cushion found inside the dog seat keeps your pet comfortable as it enjoys the view outside your car.
  • Has a 2-in-1 Purpose
  • It’s not just a car seat cover but also a car booster seat, and it comes with a safety belt, too!
  • Has Many Uses
  • Ideally made for cars, you can use it at home, too, so you can keep your furniture clean and odor-free!