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Pet LED Collar

Nylon LED Pet Dog Collar, Night Safety Flashing Glow In The Dark

Entirely agreeable to wear, and you won't stress over it will hurt your darling dog, movable pet restraint, simple and helpful to utilize. Must-have security restraint enables approaching vehicles and traffic to see both you and your pet in obscurity. They are made of fiber optic and nylon texture for the greatest solidness and security from water. 

This Fashionable Flashing Nylon Dog Collar Effectively shields your dog from people on foot and fender benders. Ideal for strolling around evening time and having some good times, our profoundly obvious dog restraints radiate a cool and appealing gleam.

Did you know approximately 1.2 million dogs are killed on the road each year, for reasons such as simply not being seen! All we can do is be as safe as possible, a great way to do this is with our LED collar and at a very small price to pay for the safety of our much-loved fur friends.

LED SAFETY COLLAR, SEE YOUR DOG IN THOSE DARK PLACES but most of all let the motorist see your dog, be safe!! Keep your best friend safe!!

Product Attributes:

Width: 0.97"
Scalable Range: 20.28" -- 23.4"
Run-time: 60-80 hours continuously
Package Include:

1x Flashing LED Dog Collar

Night Safety Flashing Glow In The Dark:

  • Very comfortable to wear and you won't worry about it will hurt your beloved dog, adjustable pet collar, easy and convenient to use.

  • Must-have safety collar helps incoming cars and traffic see both you and your pet in the dark.

  • Made of fiber optic and nylon fabric for maximum durability and protection from water.

  • This Fashionable Flashing Nylon Dog Collar Effectively protects your dog from pedestrians and car accidents.

  • Ideal for walking at night and having fun, our highly visible dog collars give off a cool and attractive glow.